Jerwood Exhibition

Recently I went to the Jerwood exhibition and found some interesting works and some of these were really blow my mind.Here I going to share my personal point of views.


Gary Lawrence,Yellow Kalymnos with Fridge Magnets, 2017

First of all, the biggest work in this exhibition which draw my attention immediately, which is the work won the first prize in 2017. The size of this work is almost match the wall in the room, but it is extremely detailed and the information of this work has been show to people in a very directly way—the bubbles.

Even the little picture in this work has been draw very carefully as you can see.

the yellow colored canvas and felt pen give it a quite old feeling and just like one page of image from your memories.






Jason Lane, Drawing Machine 2, 2017

Here was another work which is pretty impressive. It was a machine create by the artist that can generating a image that actually a little bit like the blackhole in the cosmos.

Becky Brewis, The Pouch of Douglas, 2016

The last one is a video which is really inspired me a lot. The technique of this work is really simple, drawing, collage, photography, but what interested me the most is the way that it combine those techniques and narrative feeling of this video. By cutting those pictures, scenes has been show to audience. It looks almost like a sand painting show but not using sand. The most impressive part is the last scene of this video is the same picture with the first one, so the artist create a infinite loop in this story line when he want to tell people a story.



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